Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Colvinson Quiz

We have little riddle for you:

5 Heaving throws up
4 Hours napping
3 pairs of dirty pants
2 loads of laundry
And...a partridge in a pear tree!

Can you guess what has been going on at our this Christmas Eve Eve Eve night and Christmas Eve eve Day??


Anonymous said...

Don't I feel inspired.

westcoastloon said...

Well, when I read just the first part I thought maybe it was the best kind of news....but then I kept reading and thought "oh no, they're sick".

Feel eversomuch better soon! Or stop paying in the mud, if that's where all the laundry comes from.

Much love
and Christmas

Tammy said...

is that just corrina or is that all of you?
either way , sorry to hear there is a flu in your house. Hope you have a merry christmas regardless.
love you

JAnie & DAve said...

Yes, Sick Corrina, just Corrina, but that's enough, isn't it??

She slept the day away on saturday. She isn't really eating any food, just watered down juice, rice cereal and some applesauce. I thought she was better today, sunday, because she had such a good morning at church, but then she came home, had a little lunch, went all lethargic and cuddly again, and then threw up. I don't know what i was thinking, perhaps just that she seemed interested in eating, so i gave her some rice cereal, which of course came up.
ANyway, long story short: she's still sick, so we are laying off on the food. I am sad she won't be able to eat all the decadent, rich christmas foods, like stuffing and turkey and potatoes, which i know she would have enjoyed.
Poor little sleep-alot-baby. But, hopefuly she will be playing tomorrow.. at least a little, so she can play with new toys and such.

Thanks for playing our game, or at least being inspired (whatever that means)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thats not fun,
I was up at the hospital in kenora on chrismas morning, seem elaina has two ear infections and strep throught, poor girl she was up chrismas eve crying and wouldnt stop tried everything too, so elaina was cranky and sick the whole time we were in kenora,,,

Today she is eatting a little bit of left over turkey... at least its something in her tummy in the past three days!

Sue said...

oooooh sad. is the sweet darling better yet???

merry christmas to you!! by the way. :)