Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Corrina's 'flu' was still not gone by monday, Christmas, and the vomitting was continuing. We went to the clinic and it turns out she has severe ear infections in both ears. She is on antibiotics of course, but still isn't keeping food down... well, applesauce is staying down, but can that really be considered food when that is all she has eaten for 6 days. Poor babe. Please pray for her if you think of us.

Dave is sick as well, i don't know with what. Something like the flu i suppose. He is run down and sore, and also not able to eat very much. This has been an odd Christmas.
On the bright side Dave gave me tickets to see "Peter Pan" at the ballet tonight, of course with him. We have a sitter and hopefully dave will be able to sit through the show without feeling too poorly.
Me, you ask? I'm just tired and trying to get a shower and a walk in today. Hope they happen, they would help me out!

I'll post more when we are all better later!


Sue said...

oooooooh luv, that is aweful. sickness has really taken you by storm this season, and i pray for relief to come soon. May God grant you a time of refreshing after this crazy puking messy tired time.

hope your two babes get better soon dearie. from sue.

westcoastloon said...

Oh no! I hope that there is much feeling-better afoot at your place and soonish.

Have an amazing time at the ballet tonight, what fun! I'll say an extra prayer that Dave will be well enough to enjoy it.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

aww, im feeling a little sick today now too, elaina is starting to eat a little bit today,

I hope this cold and sickness ends for us all very soon!!!!

Take Care,

Tammy said...

well i'm sorry to hear about all the illness in the house. we on the island are sick as well. There is no puking though, just coughing and sneezing and runny nose. i certainly hope corina feels better soon. that's not a very good 1st christmas experience, but at least she won't remember it. hope you had fun at the ballet. we will be home to matsqui soon, feel free to call us at my dad's house, if you still remember the number.
love you