Saturday, December 30, 2006

We had a very mellow Christmas, but it was good! We exchanged a few presents, were invited for dinner and enjoyed every delicious morsel-well i who was well did- and were blessed with quick medicine for Baby Corrie's ear infection. I cannot imagine living in a country where something as curable as an ear infection might cause a baby to die. If we were not able to see a doctor (quickly, when we wanted, in a week, or even a month), be able to zip over to the pharmacy (oh, and there was a pharmacy at the clinic, but we chose to go to one that already had our info in their system... some people don't even have one in their village, town, country, let alone many to choose from), and start baby on meds she would have continued to be in pain, vomit all food and water, and probably die from and ear infection. How awful that a simple ear infection (which isn't really all that serious to any North American mother... baby takes yummy meds, baby gets better) can kill. Plus there are numerous other diseases with much harsher symptoms and effects which kill countless children everyday. It makes me so sad. This is what i am going to do.

On the lighter side of things:
I now have a cold. Boo. We are not healthy, but we sure are over tired! It is finally snowing again in winnipeg. The flakes are gentle, chilly, and pretty. I love when you can see the points of real snow flakes. Blows me away.
Dave is reading a comic book he bought for himself with some christmas money.
We still haven't received our photos back, this you don't have a card from us yet. Sorry. As soon as they come that will be my priority.
I am going to update my craft blog now.

Happy new Years to you!

Corrina finally has enough hair to style in the bath-tub

She wasn't actually interested in the Christmas tree or presents, so we plopped her down and got her into the idea! After that we pulled down the soft ornaments that were hung low for babies (and kitties)!


Anonymous said...

those are some wonderful pictures, looks like Corrina is feeling a little better,
I understand what you mean about having a cold now, I thought Elaina gave me her strep throat but I went to a walk in clinic and it was just a cold, so I believe im at the end of my cold! Lets hope!

Well I hope all the colds are almost through at your house as well!

Take Care

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the bath pictures!
glad to hear Corinna is feeling better, and I hope your cold passes soon.
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Happy Tubby Times!!

Yeah, I've been trying things out with Blogger, but I'm still learning...

I hope healthy comes soon for everyone!! My fever just broke, but my tonsils are as big as eggs. I wish to see you soon, but the near future looks too infectious.

I'm going to Korea March 1!!~~

Blessings in 2007^^