Tuesday, January 02, 2007

were on our way...

A song: We're on our way, we're on our way, we're on our way, on our way to GRANDMA AND GRANDPA's farm (well, house really)!

We are taking an impromptu visit out east. West Jet seat sales, gotta love em!

See you there, maybe?!


Anonymous said...

we want to meet you!!!! I guess we will have to head to Sarnia too!!!!

Sue said...

YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE dave is talking to dave right now and planning many happy dates with you.


see you soon.

Mom Colvin said...

Hey Janie & Dave,

Having just read Sue's comment,
save some dates for us too please!

Mom & Dad XX

Anonymous said...

ok, so how long, when... and all that??? I would love to plan a "date" also! I am sure we can met with the Naus's also! Let me know what works for you guys.... we could do saturday? or whatever!!

Anonymous said...

ok that was weird, Blogger just ate my comment. Good thing I copied it before I hit the button. It went like this:

I wish I could come too! I checked WestJet flights from Vancouver when Mom told me you guys were going but the rates from BC are not so sale-ish :(

Quick question for you, what size clothing is the Little Bean wearing these days? Anything in particular she could use (cause you know SOMEONE has a little birthday coming up). Goodness has it been almost a year already?