Saturday, January 06, 2007

Will i learn?

Here is a list of things i am hoping to learn in the next, let's say, MONTH:

- to make a simple quilt, with the help of the world's best Mother-in-law, Mary! (she really is the most amazing women, such a prayer warrior, full of wisdom, great to just chat with, and talented at making quilts and Christmas pudding!) - where to buy real wool felt in canada... any leads? I have looked at most of our fabric stores, but am unsuccessful. Is there a store where you live that sells real wool felt? Or any good websites that you know of? -to toilet train Corrina. I am not too serious yet, but i would like to start making toilet sits part of her day! Exciting! I guess the day care will be doing a majority of the work, but i will do my part too. -to prioritize my time at school (YES, I am back at school now. I even have an assignment that i am going to work on this afternoon while dave hangs with babe) -to make soup. What is your favorite soup recipe.. leave me a comment/link please!

I could make a few more up, but i think that is enough for one month.
If you are reading this and would like to consider yourself tagged, please throw up a list of what you want to learn in the next month

I have a Pumpkin Spice Latte waiting for me in the microwave. Why there you ask? Well, i keep forgetting to drink it and it gets cold. Now's the time though.


Sue said...

wow, sounds like you'll be busy! haha. so is this a list of newyears resolutions? only you do them monthly?? :) Sounds like you will be learning a lot. that is exciting. learning is soooooooo fun!!!!!

Soup...mmmmmmmmmm......... i LOVE SOUP!! maybe we will have a soup party when you are here...eehhehe. so many favorites...broc-cauliflower soup, Minestrone soup, Morroccan Stew (thanks to you!) and so many more.

loves. take care.from sue

Anonymous said...

Soup is so fun and easy to make. I never have a recipe, I just go with it!
I have seen some of the wool felt you are lookking for, I will have to see if I can remember where. I am sure I can. will let you know when!

Mom Colvin said...


You can get wool felt thru

I just googled wool felt and that was at the top of the list.

See you soon, Love, Mary XX

JAnie & DAve said...

Yeah, i have found a few internet sources as well, but i am not too sure what a good price would be and such. I will look at that felt people and see if the is american, or canadian. I wonder if i can find it on ebay.. hmm,
anyway, thanks for reading and a few leads

Anonymous said...


It is such a soup-ish time of year. One of my all time favorite soups is from Oprah -- Broccoli and Roasted Walnut soup It sounds complicated but it's really easy and SOOOOOO good. (And really healthy too, bonus!) The recipe calls for tamri which I didn't have to I used regular soy sauce and grapeseed oil which I replaced with whateer vegetable oil I had on hand. Just don't use Olive oil, the flavor is too strong for this soup. The spicy walnuts that go in this are really good, but trust me, when the recipe says 'just a few nuts per bowl' it knows what it's talking about.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about making your own wool felt? There are lots instructions as to how to do this on the internet.I mean it looks a little labour-intensive, but I would think it would be more fun to make it than to buy it.

Oh and I thought you were going to post picture of Corrina having her Tricia day... I'm disappointed.

dr riptide said...

I wouldn't call it my favourite soup, but the one I made a few day ago was 'brocolli and stilton.' I just boiled vegetable broth, milk, and a chunk of stilton cheese together, added some salt and pepper and fresh crushed garlic cloves, added some brocolli 'til it was all hot, put in in the blender (only for a second... so it would still be a little bit chunky) and wah-lah. If the stilton is too strong for you, add more milk and some butter. Serve with warm bread to dip in it.

Glad you're up to many learning adventures this month. I learned how to sell books on and have been utilizing this skill. I've sold 3 books already! This is in preparation for our possible move. Next I want to learn how to sell things on ebay. I don't imagine it's too difficult, it's just finding the time to do it. I also have been learning loads from the book I am reading, "The Irresistible Revolution," by Shane Claiborne. I highly recommend it. I think you and Dave would really dig it and most likely resonate with it. It's about living as an ordinary radical. I think I'll blog about it.

Back to my dinner... Tuna and spinach salad and miso soup to drink!



bre said...

i would like to learn:
1) how much of my mother i actually emulate (this is in response to a very thought-provoking book i am reading entitled "my mother, myself."
2) how to actually stay within my budget while meeting life demands
3) whether my feelings of guilt over lots of things in life are valid or not. if not, i think i should dump them, for sure.
4) how to spell "snowball."

Anonymous said...

oh soup! today soup sounds so great to me! i'll have to get you this great italian sausage totellini soup we have at work- i love it! have a great day janie!