Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am writing this quite late and need to head to bed as i have large amounts of school reading to catch up on tomorrow, but i wanted to sincerely thank every one of you for offering your prayers on behalf of Corrina and our family. Having supportive family, friends, and even people we have never met praying together with us truly makes the difference between feeling empowered and feeling lost, lonely and overwhelmed in the midst of a difficult decision making time. We thank you.

On Tuesday morning we visited the Central Speech and Hearing Clinic which promotes Auditory-Verbal therapy for children who are benefiting from hearing aids or cochlear implants. The clinic itself was clean, bright and inviting. The staff (made up of audiologist, therapists, and parent coaches) are warm and respectful, and we felt they provided us with alot of information as well as great personal testimonies (a number of them have children who use either aids of implant and have received speech therapy).
As we had done alot of research prior to our visit there was only a little more information that we received. For instance, if we choose to have Corrina implanted (yes, this sounds awful and odd), the surgery could take place in as little as three months. Therapy sessions will be only about one hour per week, and the processors that are now available (completely funded by the government. I love Canada!) are very advanced and have many hearing level functions, can get wet ( very new!!), are small and discrete, and even have a plug in for gadgets such as ipods! You can find very detailed and interesting information here regarding the type of processor Corrina would have and all the nifty functions it has! I know Claire will enjoy that link! Browse around a little; the technology is so neat.
I am a little behind in my studies and finding it hard to concentrate at school as many decisions loom over my head. We would like to make a decision soon, but of course don't want to rush into anything. I have been asking God to help me focus on staying concentrated on school when i need to (i have 4 classes right now fyi) so that when i am home i can fully concentrate on being with Corrina and Dave. Please pray for this. As well Dave is a small bit behind in work, although i believe he got himself mostly caught up today. We will be having a small group meeting with the Youth tomorrow night (a regular thursday night event now!) and Dave would love prayer for concentration as well.
Corrina, as always, is very happy. She had a great time at daycare today, and was apparently especially happy. The workers just love her, and some have mentioned to us that they are praying for her. They take great care of her and we are so blessed by this as well. The director did some research and found that Corrina, because of her disability, is eligible to have a sort of TA/EA with her at day care during the week. This would provide some extra one on one time and ensure that when we are not able to be with her to encourage her speech that someone would be taking extra special care of her and her speech development needs. We aren't sure if this would be full time, or just a few hours a week, but i believe it would help tremendously in hard work we have ahead. We appreciate Canada today, and all the systems they do have in place to support their citizens. I never realized how much our social system can do to help when the need is present. I hope that others in even worse situations feel a similar support from the government.
Thanks for reading my unintentionally long report.


Pam said...

well its great to hear if she got an implant that she would be able to go swimming!! very good news!! and hear while she is taking a bath!! and of course use an ipod!! how cool!! all that aside you guys have big decisions ahead of you and will you keep you in my prayers.

mammasita said...

Janie, I'm not to sure if you have read my blog, but I'm praying for you guys.
Is there any classes that we can go to together to teach us signing, as well as our little ones.. Im very interested in teaching Elaina.
It's up to you, Im on my way off to Kenora for a bit, as my Nanny is pretty sick.
Call me sometime, or I will call you,
take care of yourself,

Sue said...

Hey folks! this is a great report! I'm so happy that we live in a country that can help with surgeries/implants/etc and also provide funding to have extra care for us when necessary!! fabulous! I am also glad that Corrie will be able to get the implant wet...she can dance in the rain just like her mama! :) heehee.

I totally think you both are blessed to be parents of such a dear sweet darling girl with a wonderfully joyful spirit! She thrives with you as her caring parents, and i have no doubts that she will blossom and grow into the woman of God that she was born to be under your special loving care and God's provision!!

keep us posted. We will be praying for concentration and focus to complete the tasks required of you.

love from the Naus Gang

kelly said...

such great news about our government! So glad that support is there.
Continuing to pray for the decision process.

Lori said...

Tis good that you live in Canada! And the technology, seriously, what a better time and place to live with a deaf child?
Love you

Rachel Z said...

Janie, I'm thankful you're feeling so encouraged and supported and optimistic. God is good.

Can you share with us how you came to realize she couldn't hear? Perhaps you've already answered that and I missed it. When you have some time, I'd be interested to hear about that.

/rach said...

Janie, your entry brought tears to my eyes. I'm thinking of you and Corrina and Dave. Love, Rach

Merryweather said...

Hi Janie,

I'm another lurker who's been reading your blog for months :)All the words of encouragement that could possibly have been said, have been said. So just know Dustin & I are thinking of your family and pray for your happiness & peace.

As a disabled Canadian, I completely agree with you on the wonderfulness of our country. I'm an amuptee, so I obviously don't have much to offer about deaf support, but just know that you should never stop exploring opportunities for Corrina. The support our there, both financially (tax breaks, university bursaries, etc.) and emotionally (support groups, seminars, summer camps) abounds.

Each child is different, but I know growing up disabled was so enriching with all the extra "stuff" my parents enrolled me in, in the disabled community. I went to a regular school which was awesome for socialization and living in the "real world." But I also went to disabled summer camps, and other events, and being around other children like me was unbelievably comforting. To be treated like everyone else "normal," and yet to still be recognized as having a disability and having that support, got me to where I am today.

I wish all the best for you!

Merry, Tammy's sister-in-law.