Saturday, January 27, 2007

What we Know

On Friday we had our hearing test with little Corrina. Let me just say that she did marvelous! In order to get an accurate reading the children need to be quiet and still; so in the case of a baby, asleep. We had Corrina skip her morning nap and we picked her up from daycare at 1:00. She fell asleep in the car and thankfully we were able to carry her into the Hospital without waking her up. The audiologist attached the Electrodes behind her ears, and one on her forehead. She hardly stirred for this. Apparently the Electrode on her forehead was just to monitor her sleep, which reported that she was just about as asleep as can be! We are so thankful.

As many of you know already we were given the information collected from the tests that day, and Corrina is indeed Profoundly Deaf. I'm not talking hard of hearing here, but DEAF. This is not the same problem that Dave and his brother Mark had as children either. There is a small chance that a hearing aid might help her hear, but as she hardly has any residual hearing i doubt those will work. When they ran the tests they used a complete range of sounds from very low tones (her right ear may have had a small response to a very loud, low tone; if a jet engine flew directly above her head she may hear a slight sound), to high pitched noises, and everything in between. I believe the loudest that their speakers could go was 115 decibels--around the volume of a jack hammereven at such a volume she did not respond.
As a family we have a few options. There are two different types of speech/hearing/communication therapy available: one deals with teaching children to communicate using sign language, lip reading, and other techniques (Canadian Associate of the Deaf). In that case the children would use a hearing aid if it helped, or just remain deaf and learn to communicate through signs, etc. The other therapy utilizes what is called a cochlear implant.
A cochlear implant, in short, is "a surgically implanted electronic device that provides individual with the sensation of hearing by bypassing the damaged part of the inner ear." (taken from web link above) Once the implant has been put in (through surgery), Corrina, Mom and Dad would attend weekly (up to 3/4 times a week) speech therapy sessions which would teach her how to listen, understand, make words and speech, and talk! This program has the goal of integrating people into the hearing world, whereas the other program has the goal of teaching people how to communicate in the deaf world/culture.

How we feel: overwhelmed! There are a lot of choices and decisions to make in the next week. Corrina is still sweet, charming little Corrina. That will never change. However we do need to start something soon because she is at the age where she would be learning language. Because we are finding this out while she is still quite young we will be able to help her sooner thus she won't be too far behind those in her age group. Her challenges and developmental delays would be much more significant if she were older. We are so thankful to God that we have friends and people around us that helped us to see that Corrina might not hear, and supported us as we went through tests and such. We have much more to come and we know that we will need to be very supportive and work very hard to help Corrina learn to communicate, but we are willing. She is precious and important. We love her!


Matt said...

Hi guys,
Sarah told me about all this at work today. I'm praying for you two and Corrina.
Give me a call sometime - it's been too long since I've seen you!
-Matt N.

Candace said...

Hey, here is a link that I thought may be useful. It comes from the National Association of the Deaf. It seems to be some pretty decent information from a neutral standpoint.

Candace said...

guess it would help if I actually included the link huh?

Sue said...

wow. this IS overwhelming. wow.
We are definately praying and thinking about you folks. i am so shocked, but very glad that you have found this out so early. Praise God for good doctors, and programs that can help darling Corrie learn and grow and blossom.

J-you can call me anytime you need to talk. love you.

from su

Courtney and Sheldon said...


I'm a friend of Adrian and Maria's and have been reading your blog for awhile. Corrina is a doll. We will definetely be praying for wisdom! God Bless your family.


Lori said...

Sigh, that's a hard hit, I'd imagine. I know that you guys are full of grace and goodness and you have God on your side, and I"m sure you're dealing tremendously with it. But I know it must be hard at the same time. I am also so thankful for the things that modern research and medicine can do. Loving, thinking, praying

Tricia said...

Wow. Yeah, I guess this would be completely overwhelming. I am praying for you guys, but I have complete faith that you all can handle this. You are pretty amazing people.

I guess this gives me the kick in the ass I've always needed to learn sign language...

Much Love,


Tammy said...

Well Janie,
I want to say sorry, but not that she is deaf because God made her that way and he did it for a reason. I am just sorry that you are going to have a little bit of a hadrer time. this just means you have to work a little harder. But you know what else. God would have never given you Corrina if he didnt' think you and Dave could handle it. We all know how strong you are and that you will make it. And if Corrina is anything like her parents, she is going to do just fine..
love you guys
take care.

justus said...

Janie, Dave and Corrina,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how hard it can be to communicate with someone who is deaf. It is a learning process, but I know that you guys will all learn together.
There are some great people in the WPG area that I know who are deaf. I will see what I can do to get them in touch with you. I know that the gent who taught me my ASL class lives there (Carl), and he is deaf, great person to learn from, and his family is all deaf except one of their children.
I know how hard it is to learn to deal with this. But, with great family, great friends, and the Wonderful Lord above, you will all learn, and make it.

Hugs from our house to yours.

Eric & Kari said...

Hey there!

I've been lurking around your blog for a while too (and also love the craft, etc. page!!), and wanted to let you know that you will be in our prayers as well as you make these decisions for your little one. I have had the privilege over the past two years to study ASL here and learn more about Deaf culture, and I have loved it more than I can say (so much that I've tossed around the idea of becoming an interpreter)! Another help might be to talk to other parents who were faced with the same decision - I know that I've talked to a few in some of my classes that went the implant route and didn't teach the child sign, and then found that the child couldn't communicate well enough in either language to get along socially. So maybe a combination of the two? We'll be praying for you guys as you make this decision! If you have any ?s about any of the ASL stuff in the city, the Deaf school, etc., feel free to drop me a line!!jgudh

Mom Colvin said...

Janie & Dave,

To quote Corrina's great-Nan "well we'll just love her even more". She is the same sweet, lovable child and we will all pull together to help her deal with this big challenge.

Our whole church is praying for you and of course we are too.

Much love, Mom & Dad XX

/rach said...

Hey guys, I missed your phone call; I was away this weekend. One of the first things I did when I got home was check your blog...(does that make me a weirdo? Janie, I'd really love to see you in real life some time...) I am glad you have so much support and love all around. You guys and Corrina have some tough decisions/work ahead of you--know that there's lots of folks on your team.

Niki said...

Another reador (friend of Kelly E. and Rachel Z.) coming out of lurkerdom to let you know that I will be praying for you and your family as you make decisions and adjust to the news you have just received about Corinna's hearing. Praying for God's grace and strength and wisdom!

C. said...

Hi! It's Claire's former roommie Ceone - I wanted to let you know that my brother in wpg has friends (also in wpg) who have 2 children with cochlear implants. They may be good to talk to about what life looks like with the implants. Let me know if you'd like their contact info.
You and Dave have receieved a special gift in being given Corrina - He knows she will thrive with you :)

Rachel Z said...

God is good, all the time. Even when it doesn't seem to make sense to us. You will often be in my prayers as you figure out how your family will not just cope with this right now, but thrive in the years to come. Tammy's words of encouragement are perfect. I can't wait to see how God will enrich your life through this.

Love you much, girlie.

The Krow said...

guys Jo and I are praying for you and Corrina. We can't imagine the struggle it must be to learn about this and deal with it.

- Paul

the g's said...

janie, dave and corrina,

just wanted to let you know we're praying for you as you try to make the best decisions for little corrina, i know God will give you the wisdom and direction and peace. sending a hug from out west- love ya!

kelly said...

Wow, this sounds very overwhelming. I'm sure there will be a lot of work and adjusting for you as a family, but God already knew that would happen, so I'm confident that He's going to help you through it all. And it's true...Corinna is still beautiful, charming, adorable and such a sweetie! May God give you strength, wisdom and courage as you make the decisions needed for Corinna and this situation.

Demara said...

I took speech therapy and I had tubes!!! They helped me immenslely...I had this surgery done when I was a little older, I was 6. They realized I was hard of hearing once I started it's neat that you've detected it early. Since getting the tubes I did not need to get a hearing aid or have to learn sign language, I just can't ever go diving now...b/c my ears never grew so that the tubes were fall out on their own...I got them dug out and that caused a hole in my ya...I can relate to your daughter. Being hard of hearing was so peaceful, so quiet, yet a little bit lonely and frusterating too...especially when it came to spelling. You know pronounce the word as you hear it and spell it is so frusterating still...I've had to use memorization, visual-learning, and lip-reading when learning.

I hope my relating may have helped some what...I will pray that God would assist you and your family with the best options for her.

(Oh I found you through Aimee's site.)

kimu said...

this is kim, claire's co-worker. we have been praying for you all and trust that God would give you the wisdom to know how to proceed.

be near to dave, janie & corrina today, o Lord.

Sheldon Kotyk said...

Hey. I'm another of Claire's co-workers. Just passing on that I'm praying for you too!

Pam said...

21 comments thats great!! It's so important that you have so much support. It's been a few days since you guys heard the big news, and although it's something you're getting used to, you're probably still really overwhlemed. Just wanted to send my encouragement and that I"m thinking of you.

Beck's Bulletin said...

Doris here...another one of Claire's co-workers! Do you get the idea that we are all praying for you? Well we are! So many great comments here, but I just wanted to echo that God is good, all the time! And He is never surprised! How awesome that in times when we are met with the unexpected we can know that He already knew! Praying for much wisdom for you as you have many decisions to make in the days ahead!