Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just for laughs

Me and dave had some adjustments made on our faces.. now we match better!

Dave didn't really like the change.. and he wanted big hair, so the next logical step was...

And i just love teeth...well mine at least

Really when it comes down to what i really want from life.. well, i just want to look like an alien... working on the green thing still..

we were having a little too much fun with the 'photo booth' on our new mac! Come take a picture of YOURSELF at our house if you want!


JAnie & DAve said...

don't forget.. you can click on the picture to view it BIGGER. Think of all the teeth you could look aT! And that luscious hair!

Take care

Anonymous said...

ps new craft post

Anonymous said...

You guys are freakishly weird.

Sue said...

heehehehehee. my aunt did the SAME thing with her new mac!! hahaha and then sent us all new 'makeovers' on the WHOLE family! hahaha.

where is Corrie??? did she get a makeover?? haha.


Anonymous said...

those are too hilarious! i hope you guys had a great trip...and a merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

oh, i can't get enough of myself! COrrie a sleeping... but i will get her yet. I could use photos like that for some good bribbing in the future!

Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic photos!!

What really struck me is how much Dave looks like Mark in the big hair shot. (not the hair itself, but his face)


such fun

Anonymous said...

hehe I have a mac, and don't know how to do that! What program? Maybe I dont' have it!!

Too cool!!

JAnie & DAve said...

It's Photo booth (came installed on the imac, uses the web cam)

Lori said...

My ex-roomie had that too. Very very fun! Love the teeth!