Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I would love to begin this post by announcing that MB health has accepted our application for bilateral implants, however this is not case. They have neither accepted nor declined the application, they have simply told us that they are unwilling to make a decision by May 1st. I think this is ridiculous! Can they do that?
I feel exhausted and a little defeated. I hope we can fight for an answer- a positive answer. But tonight I am tired and would throw in the towel if i had any say in the situation. I hope to sleep well and be ready for more political battling tomorrow.
Corrina had her mri today. Have any of your ever had an mri with your child? It is awful. I hated it. Corrina has never cried so hard or long in her life. She was in a state of complete panic while they put her iv in, and for the 20 minutes after while we waited for the mri room to open up so that she could be sedated. She was so upset that even when she was partially calm against my chest, rocking back and forth in a chair, her little body would twitch as her body inhaled and exhaled at high speed. At points she would perk straight up and scream a blood curdling yelp of fear. Once she was situated with electrodes (and all the other crap they had to attach to her before sliding her into the mri machine) they finally administered the sedative and she was alseep instantly. Could they not have done that before pinning her down and poking her entire body. I hate medical stuff. I was not created for the benefit of medicine. I am having such a tough time seeing her go through this. Perhaps God created her deaf to be deaf?
I think this is the exhaustion talking, none the less, mri's suck, and I have great feelings of empathy for families who face this weekly, perhaps daily, with their children when facing life threatening illnesses.
May Peace be with you all.

On a different note, here is a rather boring video of Corrina walking around our house drinking her water. This is the both mundane and thrilling thing we do all day long. Enjoy, if you like!

On a TV show I saw someone talk about what to do when you are feeling a little blue: stick a pen between your teeth (do you know why???? I do!). While coloring later that day I told Dave and Corrina about this. Then we tried it out:

Corrina is such a good copy cat!

Dave thought this might make him feel happy too:

Corrina loves her choo choo train. I love her belly:


justus said...

Janie, I know what it is like to get your little one ready for an MRI. Your right, it sure doesn't seem fair that our wonderful wee ones should have to deal with all of this.
However, keep in mind that the Lord is with her. Even as hard as it is to see her deal with all this. We know that God will be with her always.

I love the wee video, it is cute. She is sure growing up so fast.
Take care.
Hugs from our house to yours.

Claire Colvin said...

Janie & Dave,

I have been thinking about you guys and wondering if you've had an answer yet. How frustrating. I will keep praying. Just as I'm about to pray about it the same verse keeps popping up in my head "I know the plans you have for Corrina, plans to prosper her and not to harm her. Plans to give her hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (sort of) It's a good reminder for me that God has held Corrina in His arms much longer than we have and that He loves her even more than we do -- although that's more love than I can imagine.

Sidenote -- the pics with pens made me laugh out loud. In the second one of Corrina she looks so much like Janie. Can't wait to see you guys,

much love,

Mom Colvin said...

Poor Corrina, poor Janie, poor Dave. Its so hard to see your child to go thru medical procedures and its hard for them.

One good thing to keep in mind, Corrie won't remember a thing about all this. True she experiences all this in the present but she will recover very quickly. And she won't hate you for letting the medical staff do what they have to do.

Continuing to pray that, inspite of all appearances, Manitoba Health will make the decision to allow bilateral implants and let Corrie get back to her unmedicate life as soon as possible with no return visit needed.

Mom Colvin said...

I just watched the video - awwwwwhh! What a cute kid! She's adorable. Love to see her walking. Can't wait to see you all next week.

Love, Mom XX

the g's said...

janie, i read your post and just cried-how hard it must be to watch corrina go through the poking and stuff as well as not hear the news you were hoping for-i've grown up realizing how much work it is to get all the help you need(i see my mom exhaused at the thought of applying for funding for new obstacles-yet we are blessed to have the hope i guess) we're praying for you guys and love ya lots! i'll have to remember to put a pen in my mouth or better yet up my nose when i need it:)

ramblin'andie said...

Hi Janie,
my sweet baby was just sick and I had to put a breathing mask on her every day, twice a day. It was agony forcing her to have that mask on, and watching her struggle and cry through the treatment. And I thought of you every time. My mum and sister read your blog too and we're all praying for you.

Love the pictures. You are such a fun family. And Corrina just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

Take care,

Lori said...

I can't imagine putting my kid through that either! But it truely is a blessing she won't remember this stuff.
My guess is that putting the pen between your teeth is kinda like smiling. I know that smiling releases some sort of chemical that makes you feel happy, even if you might not be happy. Am I right?

Sue said...

ooooooooooooh janie that sounds terrible! i cant believe they didn't give poor Corrie the comfort of being asleep during the prep. part of the mri???? how can they be so insensitive?? arg. they must not remember (or know anything about) being a kid.

poor corrie. poor mama.
oh i cant wait until this is all over and you are enjoying life and sunshine again!!

love and prayers -su

Tammy said...

i love spying on your life via blog land. woish we had time to talk more though maybe via a phone one day. :)i know you are very busy as well am i. i miss you though. think about you guys alot!Praying for you , dave and corrina!!!
Love tammy

Pat said...

I peak in at your blog from time to time through Tammy's blog.(I am Ryan's Mom) Poor wee girl having to go through all that and poor mom and dad having to watch helplessly.

I have never had to fight for medical attention for one of my children, but we did for my husband. And while I won't bore you with all the details I would like to share with you what finally got action for us. We wrote a letter to the Health Critic for the opposition and that got action pretty quick. It ended up with newspapers across Canada publishing our story, but most importantly it got action.

I know your deadline is so very close now and am wishing I popped in and posted this sooner.

Good luck! And even though I only know you through Tammy we send our hugs and our prayers your way. Pat

Claire Colvin said...

Quick update:

Corrina had the surgery this morning and the word from Mom & Dad is that it went very well. She came through it beautifully and is resting in recovery. I'm sure D & J will have details and stories later. Thanks for praying!