Saturday, May 05, 2007

Corrina's Recovery

Good news! Corrina’s surgery went very well! She is happy and healthy and all is well.

It is Saturday, May 5, and we are writing from Sarnia because Corrina is recovering so well we were able to leave the hospital after only one night! The morning of surgery Corrina had a lot of fun playing in the many different play rooms in the different sections of hospital that we were in for prep and such. She was having wagon rides around the waiting room (seriously, the most amazing children’s hospital I have ever seen—it was like an amusement park at times), and rode into her surgery room in a wagon, happy as can be (well, a little worried, but no where near upset). She was given an orange flavored mask to start the anesthetics which looked very fun to play with and went to sleep immediately. The doctor and nurses were wonderfully nice, and most importantly really loved children and treated Corrina with such care! Surgery was about 2.5 hours, followed by a short testing time that assured the implant was in the proper place and working, which it was!! We went to see Corrina in recovery after she had woken up from surgery and she was upset and disoriented, which is to be expected. However, she had two doses of morphine so we knew she wasn’t feeling a thing! The nurse gave Corrina a few freezies which calmed her down and filled her little tummy. She soon got over the fact that her IV was there to stay and just started working around it. For the first few hours she was touchy and had a hard time settling down. She drank a lot of juice and cuddled and fussed. She had a little nap around dinner time, ate some jello, juice, and other friendly foods, and followed that up with a walk around the hallway. She was VERY eager to move which told us that she was recovering well. In fact, she recovered so well and so quickly that she didn’t give mom and dad time to “recover”! She slept great that night, didn’t vomit, and only woke up once for a cuddle and diaper change (IV’s really do fill those diapers up, but I only got peeded or leaked on twice, so I was happy!). This morning her bandage and IV were removed which allowed her to play without restriction and run around the hallways. Yes, she was running less than 24 hrs after surgery. That’s our Corrina!
The hotel that was stayed at was GORGEOUS. Everything was comfy and luxurious (the best shower I have ever had). Corrina didn’t get swim because the pool was closed (of all days) for maintenance. But it is nice to be able come home (to the Colvin’s, that is)
We just arrived in Sarnia after our 3 hours drive from Toronto. Corrina slept! We are all doing well but need some rest.
I cannot think of anything else to report, however if you have questions or want to talk on the phone please email or call us!
As you can tell God has been taking tremendous care of us (there was a little fellow across the fall with an new implant that wasn’t doing so well… vomiting and such… so we know that her recovery isn’t average). THANK YOU for your prayers, support (in so many ways!) and love.

Sorry for how long it tooks us to write this up. Take care everyone!
Love Janie, Dave and Corrina
(first time washing dishes with mama! If you look closely you can see that her ear is sticking out a little because her stiches/sterri strip tape is pushing it forward... that's all you can see of her surgery from the front though!)


Candace said...

She looks great!

dr riptide said...

Wonderful news! We're so pleased to hear that it all went so well. Enjoy your time with mom and dad Colvin and Claire!

Brenda said...

I am so happy every thing went so smoothly. Now enjoy the Grandma and Grandpa spoiling!!!!!! All of you deserve it.

Lori said...

YAY YAY YAY! So glad to hear it all went so well and that she was so well taken care of by the hospital as well as by God! Quick recovery is such blessing!

justus said...

great news!! So happy to hear that all went well.
Hope you get a good visit, and see the wonders this implant will do for Corrina!

hugs from our house to yours

Tammy said...

It is so good to hear she is doing well. Everyday i have been checking your blog for an update. She looks wonderfully happy. I especially like the photo of her in the laundry basket!

the g's said...

i'm so glad to hear corrina is doing sooo well! what an amazing little girl you guys have- you all amaze me! praise God for His goodness and strength!

/rach said...

I cried when I wrote this. She's so amazing, and I miss you guys so much.

/rach said...


I'm also exhausted, so that might explain a little

kelly said...

that's WONDERFUL news! i'm so glad everything went so well :)

Mom to Toes said...

Hi! I somehow stumbled upon your blog today and I am totally hooked.

My 22 month old daughter was implanted at 14 months and is doing amazingly well.

I'll be checking in from time to time to see how your darling Corrina is faring! Given her spunk, I suspect she'll be talking back in no time.

Good luck on your journey!

Laurie said...

Hello! I found your blog through Erin's. Your little girl is precious! I'm so glad you are giving her the opportunity to hear. She looks darling and that is great that she bounced back so quickly!

I like to put links on my site to other CI recipients. May I use yours?

Have a great weekend and enjoy your little one for they grow up fast. . .