Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birthday 2.0

Celebrating your birthday and getting gifts on the actual date of your birth is so old. The NEW and IMPROVED way of doing things is to order things online after your birthday and have them arrive weeks later! It's Birthday 2.0!

Yesterday was My Birthday 2.0! On the same day we recieved in the mail Both our T-shirts from (which I LOVE by the way!) AND OUR NINTEDO Wii FINALLY ARRIVED! HURRAY! Janie phoned me at work when in arrived and I was at home and pluggin it in within 5 minutes. I've since spent hours playing tennis and golf, practicing my boxing, swinging, hitting and blasting crazy bunnies, and saving the children of Hyrule. Janie said I was so excited that my eyes were visibly larger than normal for the rest of the day! All while wearing my fancy new threads! What a day!

Nintendo Wii Review: First Impressions
-This is Hilarious!
-I can't believe the level of control this thing has
-My arm is actually getting sore. Maybe I should be stretching.
-Old, non-motion sensitive games just aren't going to be the same
-Gaming is Fun again!
-Okay fine! You can play too!
-Is it my turn again yet?
-This SO reminds me of real Golf!
-Oh my goodness! Link! LOOK OUT! Behind you!
-When was the last time I laughed out loud while gaming?
-But I don't WANT to pause!
-Huh? Midnight? Since when?

Total Score (out of a Possible 10)
Nintendo Wii: a bazillion.

And Yes, everyone is invited to come over and play. See you soon.


justus said...

Well now that Taylor thinks he has to move to Winnipeg! LOL
He has started to save for his own wii.
Glad you get to enjoy the games! Keep it up, great for hand and eye!

Sue said...

wooooooooooooow you guys are coming ooooooooh sooo soon!!! fabulous!!! sooo exciting!! soon your sweet darling will hear your voices and birdies and rain falling and wind blowing!! cant wait to see ya!!

Claire Colvin said...

Have to ask which Threadless shirts you guys got -- did you get "To err is human to Arr is pirate"? I was going to order that one this morning but they're sold out :( I signed up to get an email if they decide to reprint it. Here's hoping. I also quite like the tools of the trade one and the ballad of the birds one. Might have to get me some threadless-ness.


Tricia said...

If it's not any trouble, bring the Wii when you come over on Sat, we can check it out.
Pam (too lazy to sign out for Tricia)

dr riptide said...

I checked out Cool site for t-shirts! Have you ever submitted any designs?? Which one did you get? We also happen to be sending you a very cool t-shirt from, an ethical and ecological clothing company. Check'em out...