Tuesday, April 17, 2007


First, I apologize for my lack of communication with a lot of people who are important in our life. This has been a very intense semester, and while I have learned SO MUCH I am desperately looking forward to the end (unfortunately summer classes kick off May 4th!). I am in exam week now with one down, two to go (today I am studying!). So, if you have not heard from us, either through email or blogs or phone calls I do apologize and please do know that I am thinking of everyone, family and friends, and appreciate your support in our lives.

Second, SURGERY IS A GO. Our ENT doctor in Winnipeg looked at the CT scans yesterday and made the decision that everything needed for a successful implant and hearing outcome are present. That would be the cochlea itself, and hearing nerves! We will indeed be having surgery in Toronto on May 1st. The only dilemma that we are still facing is receiving notice of funding from Manitoba Health. There is little doubt that we will receive funding for a unilateral (one) implant, however we are waiting to find out if MB health will provide the funds necessary for a bilateral implant (two), which would greatly increase Corrina's ability to hear and communicate. Of course, as we know, two ears are better than one, and we do hope that funding is available to provide Corrina with the opportunity to hear twice as much in life, which in turn would substantially increase her ability to communicate and learn, which will assist with her cognitive and social development. All in all, the benefits would lead to a more normative social existence for Corrina. But hey, what's normal anyway?! Either way, we do hope the funding is provided. Here is the catch, MB health is notorious for taking their precious time in deliberating theses decision, however as the surgery date nears the surgeon needs confirmation BY WEDNESDAY, LATEST THE END OF THE WEEK. Please pray with us as our audiologist advocates and as our Doctor continues to make contact regarding this information. If we do not receive funding for two implants that the surgery will provide Corrina with one implant and I believe we would persist in working towards funding for two.

How are we adjusting at this point? I am not very good with medical procedures. Iv's, blood, needles, cutting flesh all equal a whoozy Janie. However Dave is a master at facing these types of invasive procedures, so I am fine because he will be very supportive. I will be there to love and comfort Corrina and he can take care of the medical stuff (looking after incisions, etc.. or he can teach me and this can be an opportunity for growth). Prior to the surgery we still have a number of doctor appointments (yup, one everyday next week!) so please do pray as appointments can be stressful for Corrina as us as we wait, and wait, and wait, and wait in waiting rooms! Also, these procedures are not much fun for a little person (vaccinations, ct scans, mri's...) but we pray that Corrina would deal well with the stress and find comfort and support from us, friends and daycare. We also hope this does not interfere with her sleeping and she needs to be well for her surgery (ie. no ear infections, colds, and most importantly fevers). In the past stress has affected her ability to nap and sleep at night. Lots to think about...
Dave is feeling very relieved that we have a confirmation of surgery! He was feeling stressed and worried this week but now feels refreshed (from what i can gather!) He could use prayer for accomplishing his many tasks at work while at the same time juggling doctors appointments this week as I study and write exams. He is such a trooper and our family is blessed by his positive, sacrificial attitude for Corrina. He takes her to any appointment I cannot make it to and never complains that he might be falling behind at work. Church has been very supportive and understanding of the situation and the youth and families that he has contact with the most are very empathic of the situation. In other news, DAVE LOVES HIS WII!
I am getting a cold again, most likely from studying late, waking up early and poor nutrition. But, just a few more days.....

Thank you for your prayers! If you have any questions or thoughts please do email us and ask! Oh, ps, I don't know if I had mentioned this before but we will be on a documentary for The Nature of Things. I do not know when it will be released, we haven't even done the interviews yet, however they will be filming Corrina's surgery (something I actually do not want to see). However, I am excited about being on tv, creating awareness for the clinic and people we work with, as well as a the issue of implants and hearing impairment in children!


Dave said...

...Speaking of awareness, I was talking to the audiolgist today and she was telling me about a workshop she attended recently. The speaker said that up to 90% of people still think that people with a Cochlear Implant (CI) still learn sign language and require interpreters to help them. Let me say for the record that that is NOT the case! Our goal with Corrina is full intergration into the speaking/hearing world.
Be Aware! CI users can do anything!

Rachel Z said...

Thanks for keeping us updated when you can. Be sure to let us know when you know more about the documentary. You're often in my prayers.

Pam said...

Cool, Corrie is going to be made famous on the Nature of Things!!!! Thats fun.

Tammy said...

Wow, that is exciting and scary all at the same time. I am glad you have the wonderful support of dave through this.We are keeping you in our thought and prayers for sure!
Love you much.

Tricia said...

Excellent news! I'll be praying as always.

Janie, I was impressed by your obvious level of immersion in academia. Your post sounded like you were writing a paper, rather than your normal presentation of life.

I know you are a mom and all now, and that you have lots of responsibilities, but if I bring a pack of Marlboroughs back, do you want to go for a walk in the Exchange District?

Love you,


kelly said...

so glad to hear surgery is confirmed. will be praying for funding answers this week.

Mom Colvin said...


I'm going to initiate our church's email prayer chain as soon as I've finished this post.

Two ears are definitely better than one and we will pray for this to happen.

Love, Mom XX

justus said...

Guys it great to hear that Corrina will be able to have two hearing ears! I know this is a hard process for all of you, but you guys have such great faith, and we know that the Lord will be with you during this time.
Give Corrina hugs from us. You are in our prayers.
Hugs from our house to yours!

Claire Colvin said...

Hi Guys,

I've got my team at work praying too so add about another 50 prayers to the list :) I just booked my ticket so I'll be seeing you at Mom & Dad's on May 6th.

Don't forget to pack Carcasonne.

much love,

matthew said...

Praying for you,
Matt Verhoog

JAnie & DAve said...

Thanks everyone!
a small update is... we still have not hear from MB health, but need to by like today or tomorrow in order to be able to book the space for two implants. Our audiologist is going to get on them in regards to answering. Even if they say yes next week we will have missed the date to book the space... ick.. but i believe that everything will work out fine... Corrina will receive one implant no matter what, and that is GREAT!
thanks again for prayers!

dr riptide said...

Thanks for sharing. We'll be praying that all the funding you need is provided, and that you two will have the energy and health to keep on top of your busy life!


Rachel and Mark