Thursday, April 05, 2007

A blur

Yes, some of these photos are very blurry, but they are just too cute not to show.

Corrina loves standing on our window sill and waving at the passerbyers. Sometimes she even gets waves back!

I wanted to capture the queen sitting on her royal rocking throne, relaxed to the max, however by the time i returned with the camera I found little miss sprawled out like this, sorta stuck!

Another stuck position:

A few nights ago Corrina discovered the fun of crawling under and through things... chairs, tables, and little tiny stepping stools. I watched her crawl under the stool a number times, attempting to make it in and through from a numerous directions, but never quite succeeding. After crying out in frustration and fear I would untangle her and send her off to play with something else, but she was determined to master the stool. After many hard to maneuver removals (i really thought she was stuck at one point and I was ready to get the butter!) I just took it away. What a silly babe!

Can't resist a resting face! I love deep sleep!


justus said...

wow.. she does sleep! LOL

She sure is growing. I hope she figures out how to get herself out of some "sticky" situations!

Hugs from our house to yours

Lori said...

Great photos. I love how kids get stuck in things over and over, or fall off things over and over. They're so determined to conquer whatever it is that they've taken on. My nephew Elijah was a climber and a faller. He whacked his head so many times when he was between 1 and 3 years old. And he's got the scars on his forehead to prove it.

kelly said...

great pictures - especially the stuck in the stool picture!

maria enns said...

it has been WAY too long. But I love you guys,
and I am sorry that the blog has been not so much happening....

I updated my blog finally.
and so now I say hello. I love your blog.
my fav. don't tell...

kay. must run. but hello, and I would love to see you sometime.
done. period.

wanna make a dinner date? in about two weeks? YAH!!! lemme know when you guys are free.

Dave and Janie said...

Don't you think it was nice of Janie to snap photos of Corrina all stuck and complaining? Only a fool would put down the camera and help the kid first!

April is WAY better than May (we're out of town?) and Saturdays are BOOKED. But otherwise...?