Sunday, May 20, 2007

Being At Home

We have been home for almost a week now. We have taken our time to settle back in as it was difficult to part with such good family moments and wonderful visits with friends ( Both Claire's report of our visit and Susan's report are MUST READs, or at least see the pictures!). Corrina is completely back to her 'normal' self. In fact she is even better than when we left because while we were away she learned to twirl in circles and to do the chicken dance, well, the chicken flap part. She is sleeping well and enjoying all our visits with friends here. Just today she was horribly bored with Dave and I around dinner time when our friends (al, sarah, heather, candace) came through the door. Corrina ran excitedly toward the door, laughing and waving widely at her guests. She was pretty sure that they had all come just to see her! She ushered them all in and showed them her toys... all in her precious silent way.

A confession: I have never seen Dirty Dancing, until tonight, and now I UNDERSTAND. What a great movie (except for the abortion subplot... poor unborn babies). When I was maybe 9 or 10 I had a mini pops record (yup, record!) with alot of great songs. What I didn't know until tonight was that most of those songs (and pictures on the record cover of children dressed up like adults) came from the movie. Ha! I love it! So, I am not sure if this makes me a geek, or a romantic, or what!

While I was watching the movie I felt like I was in someone else's house. Why, you ask... well, I was on the internet last week when I came across a posting for an ikea garage sale. Of course we told our friends and went ourselves and there we found a wonderful, comfy couch. We deliberated purchasing it because while it was a little more than we were budgeting to spend on a second hand couch it was in great condition and a 1/4 of the original price. But in the end we could not pass up the opportunity to have a couch that we could actualy sit comfortably (have you ever sat on our couch? You know what I am talking about then!). We also found a great little cabinet for our television, which takes the tv out of Corrina's height- so no more turn offs during the plot of movies! We rearranged, although we are not completely done as our old couch is still stuffed in a corner of our living room. However what we have done feels like a real living room with a cozy touch, yet still functional for our very busy toddler. AHHHHHHH, I can't express through words how wonderful everything is and looks-the best part, the cheap cheap cost!


Claire Colvin said...

I want to come over and sit on your couch.

I'm still thinking about how to transfer pics within Flickr. I'll give it some more thought and get back to you.

Glad things are going so well at home.

kelly said...

love the new couch! looks comfy for sure. glad to hear corrina is back to her usually self.
SO glad you finally watched dirty dancing!!! not a geek, maybe a romantic...i don't know, but it's a classic, must-see movie :) (aside from the abortion, of course).

ps. claire - if you figure that out in flickr, please let me know - i have been wanting to do that with another account...

Mom Colvin said...

Love the new furniture. Your home looks great. You two really have a knack for decorating.

Glad to know that Corrina is doing well. Can't wait to see that video of when her processor gets switched on.

Love, Mom XX

Sue said...

awesome couch!!!
i love it!! sooo glad you are comfy again! it makes all the difference in the world to enjoy the space you live in.

glad to hear that you are settled, corrina is splendid, and life is good!! we miss having you near!


edythe said...

What a beautiful living space you have designed for yourselves