Thursday, December 06, 2007

General update

In 13 days Corrina will have her second implant activated. The surgery went great and we were at our host home in Newfoundland by that afternoon. We were all pretty tired, but not getting enough night time sleep, so Corrina was taking incredible naps, like 4 hours, and still getting to bed at 8pm. Worse than the surgery was the flu that we all caught, one after another, so we at least could help to take care of each other. Dave was sick the day after surgery, corrina was sick the night after day was sick all day. Poor guy just wanted to sleep but I needed him to help me with the messy mouth baby. She was dunked in the tub (at someone else's house none the less) 3 times that night, screaming each time. When Corrina is fluish sick she throws up and then just wants to play. She really didn't see the need to have a bath! So we played a little to be sure she wasn't going to be sick again, which she was, 3 more times.... Sunday we were all feeling better, but I became sick on Monday night, the short short night before our flight. Dave and I slept TWO hours that night. The plane ride back home was difficult, to say the least. Boy were we happy to land! How wonderful!
Here is a picture of Corrina and I at the harbour on a typical cloudy day. I had just bought the toque and mitts, which I LOVE. They are warm and beautiful. Sadly, I have lost the toque already, and I can't find the same one online. I am so disappointed in myself... the first matching set I have had in years and years and I lose the hat. Anyway...

Since we have been back I have mainly been working on finishing off my last major paper for the semester. I just turned it in two days ago, with a whooping 30 page finish! Eeeeekkkk.
This our Church puts on a Christmas pageant... the same one for about 25 years. Last year Corrina was baby Jesus, when she wasn't crying! This year we are going on as Citizen's, or crowd as I like to think of the role! We are on stage 3 times and between our acts Corrina crys at the stage door to go on again. She loves the lights, and copies the gestures of the other people on stage. At the rehearsal, when we weren't on stage Corrina was standing at the stage door crying and crying to go back on! I think she will be enrolled in some Drama classes in the near future! We there are a total of 4 shows to do this weekend so Corrina will get her share of being in the spotlight. Hope she doesn't upstage Jesus!
The pageant itself consists more of story telling and pantomime to a beautiful choir. We do not have any lines to memorize, just some basic acting and gesturing. The cast are all from the Church and many of them have done it for years! Actualy, one of the guys in our small group, 20 something, was Jesus when he was first born! The girls all look forward to playing Mary when they are teenagers from the time they are like 5 and playing little angels! It's all about hierarchy! Somehow, between all this pageant stuff, I have to find time to study for two exams and hit a few parties. BUSY!
Off to the books I got, but not before a few more photos...

To back track, this is dave and I with our Masks at the masquerade ball! And then one without! I really like wearing this dress... I just need more places to wear it.. and the necklace too. Someone invite me to something fancy!

I have some Christmas-y photos to post, but I figured I had better spread things out a little.


dr riptide said...

What a trip... the lack of sleep sounds horrible, but you made it though! We're so pleased it all went so well overall. We can't wait until the second implant is activated. Exciting! Just to let you know we did receive both the photos and the ceramic piece I made. Thanks for sending that. We will be sending you $50 US in your Christmas card to cover the postage which will hopefully be on it's way next week.



Lori said...

mmm, I'm so glad I got to see you the other weekend! I love being up to date on my friends lives - more than just on blogs :P, although blogs sure are handy for that!!
I also like the touque and gloves - I'm sad you lost the touque!