Monday, February 01, 2010


We usually eat a very healthy breakfast around here, but this morning I started thinking about variety.

We've done the whole wheat pancakes, the apple, banana, blueberry pancakes. Fruit and granola, high fibre protein packed cereal, oatmeal with berries and nuts, healthy muffins, and good old fruit and yogurt.

And I love them all! Especially pancakes and muffins! Ohhh, and homemade granola when I had more time at home! Yum!

But, I wondered what ideas are out there that I just don't know about, if any!

Well, here are a few good links I found to freshen up breakfast time:

10 Tasty, Easy Breakfast Ideas

Best Health Breakfast Ideas (Lots!)

Quinoa Porridge (Making this right now)

Another Banana Muffin Recipe

Apple-Walnut Pancakes (I want to try)

Some of my tips for healthy breakfasts:
Add ground flaxseed to everything you bake (Muffins, pizza crust, breads, sprinkle on cereal, add to smoothies)

Add oatmeal to baked goods ( My Favorite Banana Oatmeal Recipe: I add spices, reduce the sugar, use whole wheat flour, add flax seed, and sometimes nuts)!

Use as much whole wheat flour as you can to add fiber, nutrients, and to avoid the blood sugar spike that comes from white flour.

I didn't even mention eggs in this post, but those are often part of our breakfasts too: poached is my favorite, on whole grain toast, with fruit. Dave loves scrambled, or soft boiled with "toast soliders" and corrina loves them anyway!

What is your favorite HEALTHY breakfast?